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Why Automatic Car Wash in Australia ?

car wash

Biggest advantage for an automatic wash is that the fact that most will take only 5-10 minutes to complete. This type of car wash is well-liked at gas stations and different freelance car wash facilities. You decide on your wash, drive up to the conveyer belt, and place your car in neutral. You’re then forced into a tunnel. Brushes and hoses head to work for a couple of minutes, your car gets a pleasant rinse, and then you’re on your way. There may be a collection of blow dryers at the top of the tunnel, or maybe an attendant with a chamois waiting to dry off your car.

 Advantages of an AUTOMATIC car WASH

Time — if you’re in a rush, using an automatic car wash can help you save a few minutes and hours.

Ease of Use — it’s simple. Push a few buttons, pay, and let the car wash do the work.

Automatic car washes save water, reduce ground water pollution, preserve your car’s paint and finish, and help to retain the resale value of your vehicle.


Detail — if you’re the sort who needs to form certain each detail of your car is spotless, an automatic wash might not be for you. While it’s quick, you may be left with some bugs, dirt, or water spots at the top.

Breakdowns — you mostly run the chance of 1 or a lot of wash tunnels breaking down, which may because traffic jams on nice days.

Damage to color Job — counting on the vehicle and also the kind of material employed in the brushes of the automobile wash, you’ll notice some scratches on your paint job once running the car through the wash.

Automatic Touchless Car Wash

This type of car wash is compared with the automated car wash. The most distinction is that your car remains stationary throughout the wash, and also the machine uses streams of water to scrub your vehicle rather than brushes. This will prevent from potential dings and scratches caused by different automatic car washes.

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